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  • 20 11 2016

Saying it with Flowers

A great review essay by Joan Michelson of Peter Phillips’ new pamphlet in London Grip. “With his low-keyed, understated but surprising manner, his subtle manipulation of the spoken, unobtrusive image and spare narrative, Peter Phillips buries bullets (if not land mines). They lie in the text like his snowdrops who didn’t see daylight for years and [ … ]
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  • 06 02 2015


For those who have been already delighted by Caroline Natzler’s poetry, this collection is long overdue; and for new readers it must be a joy of a discovery. Fold is her third collection and it’s not a full one but, thanks to Hearing Eye, at least we have this to be going on with. Each [ … ]
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  • 02 10 2014

The Wolf Inside

ANTHONY HOWELL IN ‘FORTNIGHTLY REVIEW’ ON DONALD GARDNER’S ‘WOLF INSIDE’ “Until now we have had to rely on chap-books to find Gardner’s work. He has lived in Holland for the last twenty-five years and is well known as a translator of Dutch writing, while his own poetry has been marginalised – I’d like to say [ … ]
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  • 01 10 2014

Son of a Shoemaker

Review by Dzifa Benson in Tears in the Fence No 58 Winter 2013/14 Son of a Shoemaker by Linda Black “These poems sit squarely in the realm of experimental not just because they are prose poems…the poems are best gauged in a cumulative fashion, as one would do with a piece of music where the [ … ]
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  • 02 09 2014

How to be a Grandfather

I do not recall how I learned of this title, but I am happy that I did. Victor Hugo was devoted to his two grandchildren Jeanne and Georges, the children of his son, Charles Hugo, who had died prematurely. At the time of his son Charles’ death, Victor was a widow. This collection of poetry [ … ]