A Bit of Dialect
A. C. Jacobs£3

A Ninefold of Charms
John Heath-Stubbs£3

A Partridge in a Pear Tree
John Heath-Stubbs£3

A Small Gateway
Jude Rosen£4

A Thorn in the Flesh
Eddie Linden£7.50

All the Tea in China
Sarah Lawson£7

Apple Harvest
Beata Duncan£3

At Cross Purposes
Raymond Geuss£6

Between Languages
John RetyIngeborg SantorRuth Ingram (trs)£7

Lisa Kelly£4

Brown Linoleum Green Lawns
Peter Campbell£6

Cat’s Parnassus
John Heath-Stubbs£3

John Heath-Stubbs£3

Dark Light
Pat Arrowsmith£3

Desk with a view
Brian Docherty£6.95

Drawing to extinction
Pat Arrowsmith£4

Linda Rose Parkes£7.50

Martina Thomson£4

Caroline Natzler£4

Frayed at the Edges
Peter Phillips£3

Leah Fritz£5

How to be a Grandfather
Victor HugoTimothy Adès (trs)£12

In the Museum
John Rety£3

In the Shadows
David Gray£5

Journey Across Breath
Stephen Watts£8

Looking For You
Peter Phillips£6.95

Mid Lands
Jacqueline Gabbitas£3

Mixed Concrete
Johannes Kerkhoven£9.99

Mountain Language/Lingua di Montagna
Stephen WattsCristina Viti (trs)£7

My Life You See
Martina Thomson£9

New and Selected Poems
Paul Birtill£10

Night Horses
Linda Rose Parkes£7

On the Lookout
Jeremy Kingston£6.95

Out of the Cold Blue
Richard McKane£10

Panther and Gazelle
Paula LudwigMartina Thomson (trs)£8.50

Poems for Sarah
John Roberts£8

Prague Winter
Gerda Mayer£8.95

David Floyd£4

Reaching Peckham
Hylda Sims£7

Sayling the Babel
Hylda Sims£9.99

Songs from the Flats
Anna Robinson£3

Sonnets for my Mother
Lucy Hamilton£4

Sunflower Equations
June English£6.95

Survival Cider
June English£7.50

The Son of a Shoemaker
Linda Black£7.50

The Sorcerer’s Arc
June English£7.95

The Usher’s Torch
Linda Rose Parkes£6.95

The Wolf Inside
Donald Gardner£8

Their Mountain Mother
Edmund Prestwich£7

This is the Band
Pauline Sewards£7.50

Time Pieces
John Heath-Stubbs£3

Wide Skies, Salt and Best Bitter
Peter Phillips££6.95

Witness to Magic
Kathleen McPhilemy£5

Woman in Winter
Eve Pearce£3