Reviewed 02 09 2014

How to be a Grandfather

I do not recall how I learned of this title, but I am happy that I did. Victor Hugo was devoted to his two grandchildren Jeanne and Georges, the children of his son, Charles Hugo, who had died prematurely. At the time of his son Charles’ death, Victor was a widow. This collection of poetry has never been in print before in English, and was to be the last he wrote. All I can say is this; that after reading one of the poems contained herein, I want to know all I can about Victor Hugo and his work. Hugo is best known as the author of Les Misérables. He made sketches as a pastime, which Van Gogh and Delacroix were both so impressed with, they felt that if Hugo had persued painting he would have surpassed all the contemporaries of his time. One can’t do everything, we are glad he wrote…!!

I urge you to find a copy of this rare title and treasure it.

Giovanna Brunini, blog post