Reviewed 01 10 2014

Son of a Shoemaker

Review by Dzifa Benson in Tears in the Fence No 58 Winter 2013/14

Son of a Shoemaker by Linda Black

“These poems sit squarely in the realm of experimental not just because they are prose poems…the poems are best gauged in a cumulative fashion, as one would do with a piece of music where the whole adds up to more than the sum of its parts. The rewards of approaching the collection in this way become more apparent on re-reading….It begins to dawn on the reader just how clever the poet has been….When this realisation is added to the rich visual imagery contained in lines like ‘A piece of glass no bigger than a tile inserted itself in a morsel of sky’ makes for very satisfactory, revealing reading especially when you dip into the poems again and again.” Full review available in Tears in the Fence.