Timothy Adès


Timothy is British, born 1941, and a poetry translator, working mainly with rhyme and metre. He learnt Latin and Greek verse composition at school, read classics and philosophy at university and studied international business management.   In 1996 he won a BCLA/BCLT award (equal first) with the "33 Sonnets of the Resistance", which Jean Cassou composed in his head in prison. These were published by Arc Publications in the Visible Poets series in 2002. His Renaissance "Elegies" of Louise Labé appeared in "Modern Poetry in Translation", as did his "Classic Gallic Lipograms". "Homer in Cuernavaca", a sequence of thirty poems by the Mexican, Alfonso Reyes, (published in "Translation and Literature", Edinburgh U.P.) won the Premio Valle-Inclán Prize in 2001, and "Contrée" by Robert Desnos was placed second in the BCLA/BCLT Prize in 2002. German and Greek are also attempted.   Two longer poems of Cassou have appeared in "Translation and Literature", and various translated poems have appeared in "Agenda", "Classical Association News", "In Other Words", "Outposts", "Update Mexico", and on the BrinDin Press website. Other favourites, not much published yet, are Desnos, Nerval, Brecht and Huch. He likes to recite to a willing audience.