Poetry doesn't normally sell,
but mine might because I intend
to embark on a series of bizarre
motiveless murders on and around
Hampstead Heath. Poetry doesn't
normally sell, but mine might ...

Best Seller Paul Birtill Poetry

It burns a hole
that a fifteen-year-old girl
should be killed for honour
in the house next door
because she loved the wrong boy
it burns a hole in your paper
where you wanted to write about roses.

Caroline Natzler Poetry

For I will consider my master Christopher
For he also is the servant of the living God
For he yowls at all hours singing psalms
For he is of the house of Asaph the chief musician
For all poets are of the royal house of David

John Heath Stubs

Ygdrasil in Camden Town,
uptwising trunk great sycamore,
from my terrace I greet you early,
your crown curves so generously
against the new day's sky

Ygdrasildinah Livingstone Camden Town

The most we can hope for
Is that we might be understood by others
With different understandings to ourselves.

Understanding John Rety